5 Mistakes of Functional Training Webinar


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Functional training is always a hot topic, but the debate usually gets missed because we don't have a proper foundational understanding of what functional training actually means! In this webinar, founder of DVRT and international presenter, Josh Henkin, helps break down the science and make sure you don't commit the top 5 most common myths and how they impact your training. Then we delve into how to create functional training programs and how to properly progress and cue many of the drills.

Learning Objectives

❇️ Discover the biggest misconceptions of functional training and how that is holding back your training!

❇️Why functional training alters how we create workouts and the goals of our programs.

❇️How we can create superior exercises and accomplish more fitness goals at once with understanding functional training.

❇️Learn how to create programs that will skyrocket the effectiveness and sophistication of your training.

❇️Understand how some of the MOST common exercises TOTALLY miss training the body correctly!

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5 Mistakes of Functional Training Webinar

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